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Posted by : Maria Struck 14/08/14

First album preview Tokio hotel: as you've never seen them

14\08\2014 - intouch.wunderweib.de/

The four guys from Tokio Hotel are back . The first single will be released soon after the long band break, now there is a mini preview in a YouTube video, the band explains how they changed. 
Allegedly confined the adults Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav only on the outside. They  still childish, if not more childish than before, they say. They love to work together and make when they're together everyone is laughing.

They showed short scenes that were recorded while singing new songs. Then they listen to the ready mixed songs and the fans listen to the first few seconds of the new album.
In addition they made us believe that their comeback is not so far to happen. Not only the songs are recorded, also the photoshoot is done.
And not only is evident: the appearance of the band has changed really. 
Bill has now short blonde hair and his body is full of tattoos. His brother Tom has a long black hair. Georg has settled to a Sidecut and some more  muscles more on his body as it was four years ago.
Only Gustav everything has been: "appearance and clothing mean nothing to him. And that's totally OK so ", Twins said.
Meanwhile, the speculation about the release date of the new single is huge. Tomorrow's Friday is considered favorite. On August 15, 2005, so exactly nine years ago Tokio Hotel published  their first single "Durch den Monsun".

Print\translated by: Ma' Mcinsane - TOKIO HOTEL HYSTERIA
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